Myrna Loy Throwback

This is an old makeup look that I did a while back, inspired by Myrna Loy. I don't have a record anymore of the products I used, however,  I can tell you with confidence it was probably a lot of M.A.C. :)

The photograph I recreated was around Halloween and Myrna Loy was dressed up as a gypsy. The photograph does not have a close up of the makeup so I improvised. I had pictured the look having a dark lip, thin brows (as it was in the 30's ) so I just brushed mine down and put a darker shadow on top to give that illusion; I did feline flick eye but extended the line out a bit more, Myrna Loy does tightline her eyeliner in a lot of photographs but I forgot to do that in this case, highlighter on the cheeks and powder through the t-zone.

I purchased a wig and used a scarf I had to put over it, and there you have it!