The Importance Of Friendships

I heard througout my life that true friends are very hard to come by, this is very much accurate. I myself have never had a ton of really close friends but have been blessed immensely to have a close few, and that has always been more than enough. As time goes on and lives change and although we like to admit otherwise, we slack off with friendships and become absorbed into the daily routine. But that has never stopped me or the friends in my life from picking right up as if days and sometimes weeks haven't passed us by. 

That is why I just feel compelled to say 'Thank you' to those wonderful humans in my life who have been there and loved me through all. With asking nothing in return and giving without question. You mean so much to me.  

A friend who knew I was having a hard time today decided to come by and drop off these flowers along with a coffee from Starbucks, it's indescribable the feelings that flowed through me as I saw her give me the small gifts along with a hug, both having tears in our eyes. 

I pray that you all are blessed enough to have a friend like this, and if you don't, feel free to write to me! The gift of friendship is so important and is meant as just that: a gift, all wrapped up with a bow or sometimes, flowers and a Starbucks white chocolate mocha.