My Rug Wishlist!


Ever since I moved into my apartment I have been trying to hold back and not buy every little thing that I fall in love with. It is so hard! I am obsessed with the place and constantly thinking of ways to make it more cozy and warm feeling. I will post some photographs soon. Anyway, I have all hardwood floors in the place and at first I thought I was going to be all 'I finally have hardwood floors and won't cover them up with a bunch of rugs.' The truth is the floors are not in the best shape and now I can't think of anything else except buying rugs to make it feel more comfortable when I am walking around. These are the rugs that I am currently wanting. However, my Mom just went out and purchased a beige, shag 5 by 7 rug so now I am wondering if I should maybe layer or just leave it on its own? Hmm...

one / two / three / four

Boy talk

This obviously has nothing to do with things I fancy, ok well, maybe sometimes ;)  but I just wanted to vent out here on the open internet, about my current circumstance, if you guys will put up with it for a paragraph or two; or three.

I am single and in my early thirties and have just started living on my own and have entered the point in my life where a relationship would be nice. I haven't had good luck in this area of my life ever. Of course, it's not all me since a great deal depends on the guy too. I will say this though, I would rather spend my life on my own than be in an unhappy relationship just because you want one. 

I have had two guys in my life this past year and both of these guys have done something exactly the same, they both in the beginning wanted to further our relationship on extremely fast, were romantic and attentive and I was the one who was trying to stay back and take it one day at a time, and then months later after I get used to the idea of having them in my life in a kind of romantic manner, they back away. Both of these men have baggage, I mean, I know we all have it in one form or another but their baggage is more of a life-changing kind if you will. 

I always imagined that I'd meet that guy and we'd both know we belonged together, we both would accept the quirks that made us our own and journey through life appreciating each other and enjoying the small things, life is so important and short that to just accept things the way they are and never change and grow and enjoy just seems like such a tragic waste.

My point with sharing all this is let's not let men or anyone let us feel like something is wrong with us. It's so easy to pick at ourselves when things don't work the way we want them too and trust me I am looking into a mirror while I say all this. As long as at the end of the day you can say that you are a good person, you try to always be kind and do the right thing, then that's what is important.

Thanks all for reading and letting me rant. I hope you all have a wonderful day and feel free to do any ranting/sharing in the comments below if you'd like! :)